What is Web Maintenance?


Website maintenance is a monthly subscription which will allow your website to be continually improved and optimised by TyyCreates.

What is included within the maintenance?


The website maintenance package includes: 

  • SEO optimisation (Ongoing SEO - Ranking higher within Search Engines) - Continuous Search Engine Optimisation is crucial in order to rank higher within search engines. The higher you rank up on a search engine, the more  clicks you are able to get onto your website. For example, if someone searched in  ‘Mechanics  near me’ do you think that in most cases they will go to the 3rd or 4th page to  find one, or go for what is on the first page?  

What does SEO include? - Your SEO Optimisation will include :

  • Sitespeed - How fast does your website load?  This consists of compressing images and more as you have more update/add-ons to your website as you go on, to minimise the amount of data stored on your website to improve UX. 

  • Citation Audit & Cleanup - Citation Enhancement , optimising all website data in detail through the use of alt text for website content and images  (Telling Google what each piece of text/images to rank through SEO) 

  • Title Tag ,Meta Description & H1 Optimisation - Optimising website titles that your audience will see when clicking through onto your website, by changing these tags depending on the ongoing changes that occur on your website in order to boost your chances of ranking well within SERPs. SEO points such as Title Tags are the first thing your audience see’s when they enter a search query, so optimising them is crucial  to convert them into a customer /client etc.

  • Site Backups Monthly website backups to ensure storage of all website data.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation As a busy business owner, you may not have time to sit down and regularly maintain a bespoke website on top of all your other duties within your day. Leave this to Tyy Creates. You need to add testimonials onto your website? No worries, that’s what I am here for! This ongoing work could consist (but is not limited to) Web Plug-Ins, Pop-Ups, CTA forms etc. 

Have some new products that you want to add onto your website, but you don’t want to go through the backend stuff in terms of product descriptions, ongoing SEO, images, pricing etc. This can be done swiftly by Tyy Creates.


How Much for Website Maintenance?

Your website maintenance will be held at £65 per month, with a standing order being created at the 1st of every month. This will cover you and allow me to optimise and update your website with all points listed above. Help me to help you!

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